About The Blog and Blogger



Mother of three. Wife of one. Wellness Educator.

Eternal optimist. Battling with myself to practice what I preach!

Interested in wellness, prevention of illness, mental health, society, psychology, education, human behaviour and history. This particular blog is focused on these interests ONLY in the context of wellness education and motivation though.

Trained as a medical doctor at University of the West-Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. Graduated in 1999. Worked at the A&E in the capital city for just over two years after an 18 month internship and then for just over two years in community medicine as a primary care physician.

Genuinely believe we should all do our part to make the world a better place and this blog is one of the ways in which I can make a difference.

The world is engaged both in the Wellness Revolution as well as Food and Technology War. It’s a pity that most of us have not noticed and therefore remain oblivious on the sidelines.

Encouraging you to embrace the miracle and privilege of life everyday and when you are strong enough, go out there and as the late Michael Jackson put it, “Heal the World, Make It a Better Place.”

My very first post was about this blog and should help you decide if you want to be a part of this shared journey: https://staywellfireyourdoctor.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/about-this-blog/

Peace. Love. Learn Something New Every Day and Rejoice!

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