Warding Off Disease, Older and Healthier! Read All About It Part II

The last post was actually first shared with my facebook group Stay Well Fire Your Doctor! at the end of December 2009 when almost everyone is indulging guiltily and planning to “make up for it” in the New Year.

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 Since then I’ve come across two titles that I feel compelled to share with you:

Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber is the single most important wellness book I’ve picked up this year. I’m so enthused about it that I’m doing a full series on facebook which will be transferred to this blog once I’ve filled in all the older articles that are lined up, written and waiting from before!

Definitely buy yourself the book if you are interested. Your body does not want  to wait on me, before you get started on seriously fortifying your defences against the “Big C”.

The reason I write about Anti-Cancer in the first place is so people will get excited enough to buy the book. Unfortunately I don’t sell it myself just yet but that’s irrelevant. It will read almost as well, purchased from Amazon.com or on your Kindle.

(joke guys! Laugh: lol)

Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith is a “must read” and the second most important book I’ve found since I made the last list. It will rile you up, so make sure you do your deep breathing to activate your relaxation hormones every time you read a chapter. God willing, I’ll use it as the basis for a lecture series to help galvanise the public into shunning GM foods and drilling some sense into our politicians! I’ll also do a written series via inbox for my facebook group and on this blog – but after the focus on Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life.

Though I’m a great believer in wheatgrass I’m sure there are better books on the subject out there than Wheatgrass: Superfood for the New Millenium by Li Smith. Let me know if you find them!

Keep reading, and keep growing healthier as you learn more!