You Don’t Need a Hospital to Give Birth!

“Pregnancy is one foot in the grave and one foot out.” I first heard that after a woman died during labour, from a non-preventable and rare complication.

What about the women of Haiti, ready to give birth in the midst of devastation?

Attending support should include clean water. Midwives or lay persons who understand labour will go a long way.

But hospital will only be a critical factor for women/babies who would be at risk if birth were allowed to proceed naturally, or who despite natural birth, really need a Caesarean – and for the rare, sad cases of non-predictable complications.

The many safely concluded yet unmanaged ambulance, car, fire truck and airplane deliveries illustrate this.

The low Caesarean rates in countries like Sweden, where there is emphasis on the role of midwives in antenatal care and delivery also support this.

If a woman is in good health and has had a healthy pregnancy and her midwife or obstetrician has observed and screened for signals of “risk” and found her to be “low risk” then she can give birth safely in the presence of a midwife, trained to recognize any signs of risk during labour, and in the absence of a hospital with all its paraphernalia.

I tell my dear obstetrician, “Doc, don’t worry. We’ll call you if we have any problems but more than likely we’ll call to let you know the baby has been born and if it’s a boy or girl.”

I used to have a sticker on my car: Choose carefully, choose a midwife.

Today I won’t try to convince you.

Today I merely share some links and invite you to join the Cause as I have.

Not just because natural birth attended by an engaged and baby friendly midwife will increase your chances of breastfeeding successfully – and therefore reducing your risk of breast cancer and that of your breastfed female infant. There are lots of OTHER reasons. But I rest the matter here for today:

The stories of women who gave birth naturally at mamatoto, my birth centre of choice in Trinidad and Tobago:

The natural birth experiences told by parents, from WaterBirth International:

Finally: join the Cause to support Mamatoto:

Pregnant or planning to be? Or know pregnant women or women who are planning to be?

Visit Mamatoto Resource and Birth Centre where you can give birth naturally. Spend time there and pore over the evidence that natural birth is SAFER. Learn about their doula service, the birth classes, breastfeeding support and waterbirths.

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(this was first shared on facebook via inbox to members of Stay Well Fire Your Doctor! shortly after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti:!/group.php?gid=67112093847)