Extra Older and Extra Healthier, Read All About It! Part I

I had fun pointing out to a friend that if he will begin now to exercise regularly and eat and supplement better, next year he’ll actually be healthier not just older.

And I do have several friends in their thirties, forties and fifties who boast that they are healthier now than in years gone by, all because they made the lifestyle changes that changed their life.

For you the prescription might be a little different. Maybe you need to add relaxation therapy to your list of lifestyle changes. Or perhaps more sleep and less caffeine.

Whatever your personal state of health these are my top book recommendations that just might change your life.




Okay you want to know why. Fair enough.

 1) ULTRAMETABOLISM by Dr. Mark Hyman. This is the book that puts together the science that is found in journals of nutrition and metabolism and makes sure you can understand the implications TODAY and not 10 years later when it becomes embraced by mainstream medicine. Dr. Hyman opens the book by expressing his outrage at how long people suffer with outdated information because mainstream is so slow to change. This is the guy, (and he’s a conventionally trained MD not a naturopath) who successfully tackles chronic disease, allergies and obesity by helping people discover the diet that will work for them, taking into consideration their unique genetic tendencies and getting them detoxified where necessary. (Yikes! I hear my colleagues cringe at the very mention of that misunderstood word ‘detoxification’)

 He was amazed that when the keys to ultrametabolism were applied not only did clients lose weight but their mental health issues dissolved too. That lead to further research and evaluation and the second book that I recommend highly,

 2) THE ULTRAMIND SOLUTION by Dr. Mark Hyman. Many a psychiatrist would not be impressed by the subtitle: “Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First.” In summary, many of the stressors that lead to diabetes, hypertension and obesity cause imbalances in your hormones and inflammation levels that can wreck your mental health if you are vulnerable. Remove the stressors and you can reverse the damage if it’s not too late.

Autism was a mystery when I first learned about it. It was exciting to know how doctors through identifying food allergies and genetic enzyme deficiencies and through detoxification have been able to reverse autism in a newly diagnosed child and improve extreme behaviours such as ADHD in many children. Now just because you don’t have anxiety or depression does not mean you won’t get massive value from this book. Understanding how to reduce your risk of Alzhemiers is a real biggie.

 3) Live Right 4 Your Blood Type by Peter J. D’Adamo. Packed with scientific explanations simply put, unlike the hazy theories of the original Eat Right 4 Your Type that left me skeptical. When you realize that the patterns of illness that the different “types” are prone to is exactly what you observe in the people you know, and that genes that relate to cortisol levels, adrenaline clearance, breast cancer and nitric oxide production ALL reside close to the gene for blood type you think twice. Why? Because baseline cortisol levels, adrenaline clearance (how fast your body breaks down certain stress hormones after they are generated) and nitric oxide all impact your overall health, affecting immunity, inflammatory levels and even your metabolism. And guess what! There is no contradiction between the AVOID foods that Peter J. D’Adamo lists and the observation by Dr. Hyman that we should eliminate pretty much a lot of the AVOID foods on D’Adamo’s list and introduce them slowly to see which ones agree with us. The Eat Right 4 Your Type is just a short cut to knowing which foods are right for you without weeks of trial and error.

Today I ordered Wheatgrass: ‘Superfood for a New Millenium’ by Li Smith And ‘Seeds of Deception’ and ‘Genetic Roulette’ both by Jeffrey M. Smith all about the politics of genetically modified food and the health risks. Will report on these AFTER I’ve read them!

(Thankyou once again Dr. Jeanine St. Bernard and Loraine Elliott for your recommendations in the past).

 Happy shopping!