What Stay Well Fire Your Doctor! is all about


Stay Well Fire Your Doctor!  supports  your quest to stay well by giving you small stimulating bytes to help you determine how better  to care for your health.  Our regular messages are intended to challenge and influence your thinking, stimulate your own research and trigger better lifestyle choices.

After all, if you change your thinking, you may bother to change your life! Maybe.

What is Stay Well Fire Your Doctor! focused on?

1)      NUTRITION –  the theories abound. What are the facts? Does anybody know? Well there isn’t one answer for everybody and that’s a great fact to start with!

2)      TOXICITY- Why do doctors take it so lightly? Why do so many detox theories seem so bogus? What’s real and what’s not?

3)      BRAIN HEALTH- how come it takes weeks to get an appointment with a psychiatrist? Why are we so booked up? Is anybody sane anymore?

And more importantly,  from autism and ADHD to Alzheimers what are the prevention strategies?  That’s where we need to focus! Sleep, Relaxation and meditation fit in here but there’s more.

4)      METABOLISM- the real issue in obesity. How is it linked to inflammation and immunity? Is exercise the key factor here or is it diet?

5)      SUPPLEMENTS –  why do all the marketers seem to think their product can cure everything? Could there be different supplements for different people? How much of this is marketing and how much is fact?

6)      To what extent are NATURAL approaches a safe alternative to drugs? Are drugs that bad or is it just hype from overly emotional lobbyists and reactionaries?

7)      BUSINESS, POLITICS and HEALTH. How do we survive when truth is subject to partisan interests? Includes organics, toxics, vaccines and genetically modified food and other debates.

8)      FUTURISTIC THINKING – what are the changes we should be shaping for the world and how do the emerging fields of nutrigenomics, phytoceutical research, bio-technology and genetics impact our future?

Guess what! It’s all connected!

I believe the 21st century is a time when we’ll conclude much of what we previously learned in the previous 100 years is just so wrong! Maybe the world is on the brink of self-destruction. But maybe we’re on the brink of re-birth.

You will hear from me about breastfeeding and natural birth from time to time. Not just because promoting these causes are passions of mine but because they are linked strongly to better mommy and child health, and the benefits last a lifetime! Why do I believe that? Well that’s another story.

If you like the sound of what’s on offer please invite your friends to join us on this journey.

I wish you God’s Peace and Blessings.